the humans


our secret treehouse was built by richard & kelly


I'm a paleontologist, writer, and artist.  From the forests of Germany to the deserts of Texas, I've excavated the remains of ancient amphibians, early reptiles, and those wonderfully grotesque beasts called dinosaurs. My favorite dinosaur? T. rex! (I was even featured on NOVA's scienceNOW, chatting about the tyrant king. More recently, I was lucky enough to be featured on the KID STUFF page for National Fossil Day.) While my love of all things prehistoric led me to scientific research and illustration, a love of creating characters led me to cartooning.  More often than not, the two are inseparable.  My simple little creations and the stories stored in my mind make me smile, and I'm continually amazed when one of them has the same effect on those that see them.  When not cartooning or exploring the hills of Texas, I oversee education at The Doseum.  I also teach online for the Museum Studies Graduate Program at Johns Hopkins University.  Before coming to San Antonio, I called Chicago's Field Museum home for five years, where I served as the scientific advisor for the Museum's exhibition on the life's prehistoric past—Evolving Planet.  I also coauthored the companion book Evolving Planet: Four Billion Years of Life on EarthMost recently I coauthored Dinosaurs and Dioramas: Creating Natural History Exhibitions with my good friend (and archaeologist!) Sarah Chicone.




I am a silly girl who loves to play and create.  I have always had a fascination with greeting cards and how a simple piece of paper can completely alter someone's day, so I've dreamt of screen-printing cards for years.  It wasn't until I saw Richard's cartoons that I left what I thought was my dream job, working at The Field Museum in Chicago, and leapt into what has actually been my dream—creating adorable and fun things that make me and other people smile.  I love these drawings, and I'm happy that they will be finding new homes.  My life-long obsession has been books, and I still have my very first library card.  Though I usually come across as persnickety, I still believe in fairytales.  I love cartoons, comic books, vintage clothing, hammocks, and my stompy boots.


all cartoons and characters (c) our secret treehouse

photograph by carla at the scientific seamstress