the beasts

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Beasts grotesque and bizarre punctuate Earth's 4.5-billion-year history. With the bodies of brutes and the brains of carrots, dinosaurs dominated the planet for 150 million years. These days, not so much. But TriceratopsStegosaurusAnkylosaurs, and T. rex are back!



Seven tons and 42 feet of fury: Tyrannosaurus rex.  Whatever you do, don't mention the arms...





Wicked spikes, grotesque plates, and a brain the size of a walnut. They all add up to two simple words: Pure. Handsome.  For Stegosaurus, beauty is scale deep, and he charms Jurassic creatures great and small.




Purple, proud, and perhaps a bit grumpy, Triceratops is a loner.  A rebel.  But that's just the beginning of his award-winning personality.




With its hardened shell of bony armor and a wicked, club-bearing tail, Ankylosaurus is one of the grizzliest of dinosaurs. But his bark's worse than his bite; Ankylosaurus is one of the happiest of Mesozoic beasts!




From the steaming chaos of Earth’s primeval past, dinosaurs have returned with a vengeance. A slow, dim-witted vengeance. And a slight hunger for brains.  Zombie Dinosaurs rule the Earth in search of all things cerebellum, with a pinch of optic lobe and a dash of olfactory bulb thrown in for fun. Zombies + Dinosaurs = Awesome.



Its teeny arms flailing about, Zombie Tyrannosaurus (ZAHM-bee tye-RAN-uh-SORE-us) is the king of Cretaceous nights, clumsily patrolling for grey matter under bright, prehistoric moons.




Zombie Brontosaurus* (ZAHM-bee BRON-toe-SORE-us) tirelessly stalks Jurassic nights, ever-searching for its next pea-brained victim.  




Soaring high above helpless victims, Zombie Pteranodon (ZAHM-bee tur-RAN-uh-DAHN) is saur not dino but ptero. The ruling reptile of Mesozoic skies, this undead flier has the perfect view for selecting its next brunch-filled braincase.




With rows of bony plates along its back and sharp spikes ending its tail, Zombie Stegosaurus (ZAHM-bee STEG-uh-SORE-us) is intimidating in appearance, but in reality is no more dangerous than well-padded, child-proofed furniture.




Dinky Dinosaurs! Celebrate the fiber-loving beasts of Earth's ancient past with The Beet Eaters, featuring the likes of Brontosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, & Sprinkles the Triceratops! Or celebrate those bone-crunching beasts of earth’s ancient past with The Meat Eaters- Pteranodon, Dimetrodon, Bird, & Twitch the T. rex! Big bite, little brains.



A daydreamer, Sprinkles is the sweetest of Triceratops. And nothing makes her happier than curling up in the sun for a daytime nap. That, and a scoop or two of ice cream.




Propelled by blank stares and boundless curiosity, Twitch waddles through life and always stops to smell the flowers—his favourite of all things. It’s a beautiful world, and Twitch the T. rex is the first to appreciate life to its simplest.



This “thunder lizard” is the biggest and loyalist of friends. Always selfless and reliable, Bronto is always there to lend a helpingfoot—even if a mild fear of heights follows him throughout his days.





As the recognized intellectual of the Mesozoic world, Stego is also a bit sheepish and quite self-aware—nervous that all of that armour foretells of bad things to come.




When not munching nuts and berries, you can find this sweet ankylosaur splashing in puddles while enjoying grey rainy days. This shy and slightly accident-prone dino is always thankful for its protective shell.




Responsibility rules for this high-flying reptile. Airborne and a bit too aloof, this self-perceived protector of the prehistoric world keeps a keen eye on those below who call terra firma home.




Short-term memory issues prevent Dimetrodon from remembering that it’s not a dinosaur. But that just means life is always full of surprises!




Birdo is a self-professed crackerjack, even if most of his musings are unintentionally mistaken. As an evolutionary offshoot from small meat-eating dinos, Birdo and his avian kin are proud card-carrying members of the grand dino family.




Fresh from Earth's most recent ice age, majestic mastodons, saber-toothed cats, dire wolves, & ginormous ground sloths are the Pleistocene Pals!




From the heart of the finger lakes—found deep within vaults from the silent film—the long lost Vint-Age cartoon cavalcade finally makes its dino-mite debut! They know every part by heart.



Seven tons and forty-two feet of fury! With two dinky arms. Behold, Tyrannosaurus rex!