the critters

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Beaver (bee-vur) has through the years assumed the role of leader, as his wise nature and rotund frame bring about comfort and smiles to those requiring counsel. Effortlessly and tirelessly, Beaver provides the calm and steadiness desired by all creatures as the sun sets on those unpredictable days of uncertainty and fear.

Bunny (bun-ee) is joy. With an endless energy and the purest appreciation for all that life is capable of giving, Bunny’s world possesses not a moment that is black, white, or grey; life is short and deserving of the brightest colors that nature and love have to offer.



Squirrely (skwir-uhl-ee) is a patient, quiet beast whose blank stare is born not from the tedium of daily life but dreams of the fantastic. From the molten, inner depths of the Earth to the farthest reaches of the ever-spinning solar system, Squirrely’s travels are numerous, daring, and filled with astonishing adventures.